There is no free Ukraine without free Poland - Zygmunt Jasłowski  

There is no free Ukraine without free Poland
There is no free Poland without free Ukraine

All of us who with astonishment observe recent developments in the Ukraine often wonder what and who stands behind recent riots. However, it would be much wiser at this point to recognize events in Kiev and other cities as a legitimate and spontaneous reaction of Ukrainians against Russian attempts at rebuilding empire of Romanovs. The Russian nationalist dream about huge superstate stretching from Vistula River in the West to the Pacific Ocean in the Far East is still very much living part of Russian state doctrine. It is enough to take a gaze at the Russian coats of arms and notice with disgust that this empire is not prepared to give up any foreign territory which it once annexed. In this ambitious plans, of course there is no room for independent Poland, Ukraine or any other central or eastern European state. Therefore, while watching with great sympathy the events in Maydan and elsewhere, and trying to understand Ukrainian drive towards free Europe, we Poles should send our Christian brothers a clear message: European Union will not solve your national problem as its own policies aim at destroying all national entities (with exception of economic superpowers, of course) and build European superstate, where the recently admitted EU members will be no less and no more than the market for dumping colonial products and cheap reservoir of labour. Your language will become supplement to English and German, your prayers to God will be mocked, your morals and ethics will be seriously compromised by EU directives.

Dear Brothers! European Union will only want you if you will make available all your national assets for sale at the lowest possible price. Vladimir Bukowski is right in saying that your country is not ready to access EU, and there is a degree of truth in this statement. In reality the Ukraine is ready to belong to NATO and European Union and it has a lot to offer, but - the way EU bureaucrats see it - you will need lower yourself in your expectations to the level of Nigeria or Uganda. You would need first to give up all your national resources, factories and banks, sell your harvest for nothing and open wide your borders for colonial penetration. Afterwards, all you will need to do is listen what the bosses in Berlin, Brussels or Paris say. Is this believable assessment of current EU reality? Yes, it is. Ask Poles, Hungarians, Greeks, Czechs or Portugues, and others.

Vladimir Putin perhaps, under current circumstances, can give you much more but this is not the way to full independence, and this will take you again thousands of miles away from Europe's refine culture. Your historical baggage of relationship is heavy enough to dismiss this option. Tsarist self-rule, communist dictatorship and KGB/GRU terror and invigilation - you had alrady studied these subjects, hadn't you?

We call upon all peace and freedom - loving nations to step out from colonialist pit and help Ukraine to build independence in order to secure stability in Europe. Enough of Russian terror in Europe. Long live free Ukraine!

The Ukraine's road to Europe leads through Poland and Hungary, and perhaps Lithuania, we all mutually need one another. Our countries don't have any imperial ambitions, all we need is the protection of our sovereignty and independence. And, we have all we need to protect ourselves. Just if we combine Polish and Ukrainian population then we will have about 83 million people, and with Hungary 93. As such we could be much more important players in Europe, in the EU, or outside.

Historically, we Poles and Ukrainians should look at the achievements of Union in Lublin and wasted chance of Union of Hadziacz. To have common foreign policy, military aid at hand could secure our nations to build common market and preserve cultural and national heritage. We should also work hard at preserving all of this that our forefathers had built together and, sharing experiences, safely build our future in civilized Europe. Poland is the bridge to Europe. To achieve these goals the new Ukrainian authorities should seek contacts with the elites of independent Poland as Poland's current government is no less and no more than a puppet theatre with several directors residing abroad. History is giving us an opportunity that our nations should not miss - let's look into future and discuss the past.

dr Zygmunt Jasłowski

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